16 Success quotes in English

16 Success Quotes in English Success lines

How to success in Life

16 Success Quotes in English: Friends, as you all know that to be successful in life, we have to take inspiration from someone or other. And often we take inspiration from those people who are very successful in life. And we follow the words of great people

16 Success quotes in English

“To break the dreams of others and fulfill your dreams, this is not success”

” If a person has these three things
If you get any one of the things
He can succeed
Someone’s support
good advice “

“Work so hard
And do it diligently
May god even be forced
To make you successful”

“Five years of his life someone
Work hard at work like this
If you like, then you
You will definitely succeed one day”

“Who wants to make you successful
He will always scold you
So that the passion inside you comes out
And you can work hard and be successful”

“Who doesn’t want to see you succeed
She always talks smooth to you
Will try to distract you”

“If you want to succeed in life then
The beginning of any work is always small
Start with, it will keep growing slowly”

“If you work hard and honestly
If we work by focusing on the goal
You will definitely succeed”

“The person who avoids his work by making excuses
He can never achieve his goal”

“Never come in the words of those people
Which always boast big”

“You can succeed in the same work
In which both your heart and your mind
Will, you do work”

“The race is running everywhere, everyone wants to come first as a part of a race, but by doing this you do not get anything, for that you do not have to run with them all, but you need to recognize your skills”

“If you want to be successful don’t go after the crowd
Choose your own way, you are the person who
Well know himself”

Success thoughts

When you’re feeling tired, dare to keep going

“If you are failing in some work, again and again, it does not mean that you can never be successful, the person who fails often learns as many new experiences so do not panic”

“When times are tough, dare to be tougher”

Everyone can be successful, but they must do their work with zeal and enthusiasm

“When love hurts you, dare to love again”

“Do you feel like you’re behind schedule? Fear you might not have what it takes?

“A failed person can give you advice that a successful person cannot give you because a failed person has more experience”

“Try to achieve your goal as a hungry lion tries to catch its prey”

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